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Which payment methods are available at IndoindianShop online shopping mall?

Payment using a credit card, bank transfer and Go Pay


Can I pay with a foreign credit card?

Yes, a foreign credit card payment through the payment gateway is available.


I have made a purchase on IndoindianShop's online shopping mall, how would I know the transaction was successful?

When a purchase is made on IndoindianShop's online shopping mall, an E-mail containing the approval of transaction will be sent to our customers. Later on, a receipt will be sent to the customer within the time frame of one business day after the purchase.


What should I do in case I've lost the invoice/receipt?

In that case,contact to our customer service center by one of the means of communication.


 Does IndoindianShop stores credit cards details?

No!Credit card details are confidential and automatically entered into Payment Gateway's internal system. Due to that, IndoindianShop doesn't have a direct access to credit information. By the end of the credit card transactions, all credit data is erased immediately.


In case I want to cancel transaction I made on IndoindianShop, what should I do?

You may cancel a transaction made on IndoindianShop's website (Subject to regulations). In that case, you must address at first, our customer service center by phone, E-mail. Whatsapp or any other communication means in order to inform them about your cancellation.

Since credit details aren’t being stored by the system, we will contact you in order to cancel the transaction as quickly and comfortably as possible.


When will my account be charged after the transaction?

If there's a bank confirmation, the account will be charged immediately. All other issues related to account debits or credit lines, should be addressed to the credit card company or the bank representative. IndoindianShop doesn't have any access to data about the client's confidential details.


What can I do if my payment is declined?

In case of an unauthorized payment, another payment method can be attempted or alternatively addressing the bank/credit card company. In case payment cancellation occurs due to a malfunction of IndoindianShop's website, inform our customer service and we will work to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Important clarifications- read before ordering


IndoindianShop does all in its power in order to maintain a safe and pleasant purchase experience for its customers. In favor of the privacy of our customers, Credit card details will not be obtained on IndoindianShop's systems in any way.

IndoindianShop has the choice not to authorize a transaction, charge an account, provide an invoice, etc. IndoindianShop has "zero tolerance" towards theft, fraud, or identity theft. Such cases will be directly reported to the concerned authorities.


We invite you to contact us in case you have further questions about the payment methods.


Have a pleasant purchase,


IndoindianShop team.