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Devi Durga Astriding a Lion in Madhubani style

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This very empowering painting of Goddess Durga astride a Lion is the epitome of Strength and power of a Woman.

Goddess Durga is a very powerful Deity to the Hindus. She represents Energy and they say that nothing in this World and beyond would exist without our source of Energy, Our Devi. She is the embodiment of Feminine and Creative Energies. She is Fierce, She is Forgiving. She is a Warrior riding a lion into the battlefield, She is a Mother.She is in the Warcry of soldiers, She is in silent prayers in the temples.
She is in US and we are Her.

The elements in this painting are all hand drawn and painted with the most gorgeous colours that radiate Power and Love! The style of Pianting is Madhubani Art. It is a form of Folk Art from Northern India and has been around for centuries now!! So Grab a bit of Historical Art made not so long ago!!
The perfect Gift as it is sure to lighten up any space and send positive vibes all around!!!

·        Size: 21 x 29.5 cms

·        Acrylic colours and pigments on paper

·        Arrives unframed

·        Signed by the artist

·        Available in customized size

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