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5 Elements - The Universal Power (Set of 5)

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5 Elements - The Universal Power (Set of 5)

Size : 73 lenghth x 53 width

The harmony of 5 dynamic energies of nature brings a balance to the environment .

Earth element  :The tree shows manifestationsnof versatality & the deep roots show strength ,stabiliity & power.

Water element :Divine water element,has oja of ripples that can carve its way through stone and makes a new path even when trapped .A passionate state . an ability to change to flow & overcome.

Fire element : Dynamic flames of energy,action,that kindles the spark to fearlessness .Its resonating chakraempowers the zest full energy.

Air element : Breath of life " Prana "

The prana , the source of existance expressed in figure 8. Its not static,it bends, weaves,and runs with us to balance our spirits towards divine radiance.

Space element: The ether is sound and its represents the entire spectrum of vibration.Sound and Ether are inseperable.An undisturbed mind is an expression of the essence of ether. Purusha is the primodial essence of Ether.

A set of unique 5 elements , bring in harmony and create a balance to life and its environment.

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